I haven’t posted for quite a while for various reasons and hope I’m back.

This winter in Detroit has been brutally cold and we have almost reached the all time record for snow. The Spring is much colder than usual so we may pass the record of 91.7 inches. We only have 1.9 inches to go. It was too much for my car that had two major repairs. I just got another car and retired my faithful older car with 175,416 Miles

This kind of weather means a lot of little things. I had to shovel a poop path for my small elderly dog at least a couple of times a week. When she came in from the cold, she walked stiffly on her arthritic legs. She is beginning to get her Spring legs. In the bright sun, even her dimming eyes can see the squirrels in the yard. This last winter, the squirrels began to bury nuts in the snow. With the snow gone, my backyard is littered with nuts and squirrels. My dog, Bonnie, is chasing the squirrels again and getting faster every day.

I am working quite a bit now and will have sometime off soon.

My Garden…..the beginning.

My garden did not start as a garden. I had decided when I moved in that I wanted a no fuss yard. When I moved in there was no garden; there were no trees on the lot. How much the yard has changed since I never had any aspirations for having a garden. At the time I worked outside and had no desire to spend time outside when I got home from work.

When I moved in, there was a grassy berm which followed the curve of the corner. It kept kids from cutting across the yard on the way to and from school. On the other hand, my son complained frequently about how hard it was to mow.

My original thought was to make it easier for my son to mow the yard by placing a few plants on the top of the berm. I went to a plant give away at a local farmers market where gardeners who had thinned their garden gave away surplus plants. I picked purple iris and white iris since the yard had come with lilac bushes to match.



When I planted the iris, I learned that it was no ordinary small grassy mound. The previous owner had used it as a dumping ground for changing the driveway. He had thrown some dirt and grass seed on top to cover the mess. My planting the iris included digging up small concrete rocks. I wasn’t sure the iris would survive much less thrive. But, thrive they did. Iris need well drained soil and they certainly had that condition. Three irises became many……



As neighbors stopped to tell me how much they enjoyed my yard and I no longer worked outside, my garden got larger. I found a great deal of pleasure working in the garden. Now, the garden is a calm and relaxing pastime.