A Long And Varied Day


What a day…

I started with a checkup at the doctors office. I have tendinitis in my shoulder that has been hanging of for 8 months without getting better. So, I’m off to see an orthopedic surgeon. I also got a shot of Cortizone and hopefully it will make it feel a little better in the meantime.

I had time to do a little studying before heading off for work. Each year my job requires that I take a few classes. I’m also studying for a certification that is much harder to get but will be really a good certification to have.

And finally off to work Which did not go well today. Summer is problem-solving time. And each year the problem changes. I’m seeing stuff I haven’t seen before. I can say it doesn’t get boring. At least, all the clients left happy so my mental status did not have much to do with how the client felt about the service.

Tonight I really felt like I wanted to go out for music and I did. I went down to Northern lights Lounge even though I knew Mike Jellick would not be playing there this evening. His replacement is Michael Malis is really good and I enjoy hearing him play.

Left to right: Mike Malis(keys), Miles Brown(bass) and Stephan Boeghold (dms)

I enjoyed the music. But, I was tired and only stayed for one set. I had even planned to go somewhere else after Northern Lights but decided home was a better choice since I was so tired.

My shoulder was really bothering me when I started typing this and is improving fast. Cortizone actually may give me a break.

More music tomorrow when my schedule is lighter.