Bagger Lottery


The other day I went grocery shopping at my favorite store. I was able to shop during a time when there are not many shoppers. I am usually able to get through the checkout lines without much waiting. During the slow times, the batters cover several lanes. This means I can pick it the checkout cashier and not the bigger.

I picked a cashier I had never seen before since there was no waiting at her lane. She handed me a store discount card and asked me if I had an email. I do have an email address. I got a discount and am not sure if I am supposed to register it with my email or what.

The bragger asked my if I wanted paper or plastic and I made my choice. Each bagger packs things differently. I hadn’t seen this one before. I’m sometimes think the bagger makes an assessment of the shopper. Or, maybe they pack the bags the way they do just because that is the way they pack the bags. I had an average amount of groceries. Some how it required 10 bags.

When I got home and checked the bags as I was getting them out of my trunk, I found each bag had very few items. Some bags had only two items. It is better than jammed full which causes the bags to break. Do they think I can’t handle over five pounds? This way of packing just seems wasteful.

I picked up all ten bags and carried them into the house in one trip. The error I have made in the past with this type of packing is not getting all the bags out of the trunk. This time I did and it all turned out well.