Later Saturday at the Detroit Jazz Festival 2013


After lunch, I went over to the Waterfront stage. I was beginning too slow down and get more relaxed. I usually rush from place to place and now I was able to wander and take in the sights of the festival. It was slowly getting easier to deal with the mass intensity of the crowds. I was so glad I was not in any one of the very long food lines. The crowd around the entrance was thick and I gently moved through and finally got to the entrance. There were seats available and I got to sit in the from row.

I understood why the front row was empty quickly as the folding chair tried to tip backward into the next row. The chairs in the first row were not very stable and sitting there, I had to be aware at all times since any movement could have sent me ass over teakettle. I walked in towards the end of the Thornetta Davis Band consisting of Thornetta Davis(vox), James Anderson(percussion), Phil Hale(piano), Dave Marcaccio(dms), Bret Lucas(gtr) and Daniel Space(bass)?. As usual with Thornetta’s great voice and driving energy, I got into the music completely and immediately. I only heard the last two numbers, “Dance Away Your Blues” and “Black Drawers”. A lot of people got up and danced but I really like to just let the music fill me and let it move through my body.


I stayed at the stage and in the very same wobbly chair to wait for the next group The Delfeayo Marsalis Octet. They played a Duke Ellington suite of music called Sweet Thunder.
They started with a New Orleans number and invited us all to go to Mardi Gras. The suite itself was named and musically constructed in the form of Elizabethan literature. For instance, one number was a musical sonnet of ten notes fourteen times. One of the numbers they did was called “Circle of Fourths” which was a mental exercise in key changes. The suite was a mix of music that grabbed me emotionally and music that engaged my mind. Delfeayo was amazing on the trombone and I think it is the first time I have seen a female baritone sax player stand and play a whole set. The set had it all for me. In the pic, the bass player , piano player and the drummer are not visible. Taking pictures is limited in this environment.


My next stop was back at the main stage to see the McCoy Tyner Trio with Savion Glover. McCoy Tyner is in his seventies and the sound from his piano was huge. This seemingly frail man had more intensity and mastery than I have heard in a long time. He was magnificent. I was blown away. Savion Glover added an additional element and they seemed to push each other.

Savion Glover setting up the tap stage..making sure the tap microphones work.


The McCoy Tyner Trio.

20130901-133215.jpg The McCoy Tyner Trio with Savion Glover.

I stayed until the end of this one. when it was over, I went to another stage to hear Tony Monaco. It was so crowded that I listened from the sidelines and it was so enjoyable even there. I saw a friend and we chatted and walked. Mostly, I listened. I left for home feeling fully satisfied and ready for another day.