The Modern CAP Band at Northern Lights Lounge


I finally got out to hear some music again on Thursday, September 19, 2013. I went to the Northern Lights Lounge in midtown Detroit. The place usually has someone who can set up the sound so this is one of the places where the music sounds good or as good as it can depending on the band.

I also did not want to cook dinner and tonight was the half off for all dinner items. I ordered another Reuben asking for it grilled and hoped for a better outcome than the last time.

20130920-211355.jpgit was virtually the same. It is a shame since all the ingredients are good and it is well put together. Again, it was so lightly grilled that it was cool inside. So, I will give up on getting a good grilled Reuben sandwich here.

The Modern CAP Band is a group that is comprised of composers, arrangers and performers. They do a lot of their own arrangements. It is well organized and through the t, each of the musicians was featured at one time or another.
There are nine musicians so they do have a big band sound.

The front row is Mark Berger( Bari sax), Jimmy Smith( trumpet), Joe O’Mara( alto sax), Jake Shadik(tenor sax), and Daniel Meinecke(keys). The hidden musicians in the back are Skeeto Valdez( drums), Caleb Nelson(gtr) and Mike Palazzolo(bass).
It was a crowded stage and hard to see anything going on in the back row. They did “Venus de Milo”. I am most familiar with the Miles Davis version so it was much different with the big band sound. It was obvious that all the musicians are skilled musicians and the sound was good. They also did a mash up of two swing numbers which sounded better to me probably because it is more what I amused to hearing with that type of band. aAfter one more number, they took a break.

I am trying to expand my listening range and am glad I went.