A Trip to the Farmers Market


After my weekly trip ti the butcher and the bakery, I stopped by the local Farmers Market. This one is so very small compared to Detroit’s Eastern Market but it is so very local. I also knew I could get the tomatoes, peppers and squash I wanted. As a bonus, I got a great Tuscan Bruschetta.

As I wandered around to check it all out, I heard a duo playing some of the sound track of my life a long time ago. there was no sign on the stage saying who they were. As they announced songs,they did not say who they were. They did songs like “Sweet Home, Alabama”, “Tennessee Whiskey”, “Night Moves”, “On the Road Again” and “Drivin’ My Life Away.


I sat in a chair right next to a pile of snow and tossed a couple of snowballs. I watched kids play with the snow. It was so enjoyable to see the toddlers discover snow for the first time.


My Bothersome Rotator Cuff


I know how many people out there have far more serious health problems than a strained rotator cuff or tendinitis whichever it is. This is my own rant because it has almost been a year and I am tired of being in pain. It has improved so much over this year that it hardly seems worth complaining about. But, I choose to complain.

By complaining, I hope to turn around how I feel about this. When this first happened, I could hardly drive a car. I couldn’t make turns easily in the car. Just putting my arm through a sleeve to get dressed almost brought me to tears. Combing my hair was a nightmare. I woke up very couple of hours when I tried to sleep.

Now, driving still causes a little pain but it is manageable. Getting dressed is easier. I have a new hairstyle which is easier and looks better. I can now use my left hand for more than ever before. I am getting some full nights of sleep. I can do my exercises more easily.

Remembering that my shoulder is so much better.

Changed Perspective


Credit: MacMillan Dictionary

Last night was the first night of the Detroit Jazz Festival and I didn’t go. I got dressed and ready. I realized I was really tired and just did not want to be there in the huge crowd.

This last week I have had insomnia. My dog, Bonnie, gets up each morning at 7:30 a.m. and also wants to go out at about 3:00 a.m. Yesterday Bonnie went to the kennel for the weekend since I was not planning on being home a lot. She is in a play room all day and walks in the door without hesitation when I take her there.

The first night is usually a showcase of the various upcoming acts. The crowds are huge. Walking anywhere is blocked by people. As an introvert, it is not a great place for me. I got a great night of uninterrupted sleep and feel good and ready for three days of jazz.

There was a time in my life when I would have gone without paying attention to how I felt. I have learned to pay attention. I used to be afraid I would miss something. Now, I can leave when I have had enough knowing that feeling good is more important than anything I may miss.

Today I am refreshed and ready to enjoy.