Getting Ready


Photo by Crains Detroit

Next week at this time, I will probably be listening to some jazz from someone that I have not heard. It is the time of year for the annual Detroit Jazz Fest on Labor Day Weekend.

There are four stages that run from noon to about 10:00 p.m. each evening. Then all the clubs in Detroit open the doors and have more music. It is free. There are volunteers that are picking up the musicians at the airports and getting them back. The volunteers act as security at each of the stages. Some are driving golf carts to get musicians from one end of the event to the other. It is a huge volunteer effort. Some of the audience bring coolers filled with food so they can stay all day and not have to spend anything.

A few years ago, I started buying tickets. The tickets get seats up front at three of the stages. We get a catered dinner, parking and a clean bathroom. We also get free water and coffee and a lounge area. Some of the businesses support the event there is a JP Morgan Chase stage, an Absopure stage, a Mack Ave(record label) stage and the Carhartt Stage. Most of the musicians on the Mack Ave label play in the concert.

This week I will study the schedule and plan who I want to see next weekend knowing things will change and I will love every minute of it.