Coyote on the Prowl


There are coyotes in this area usually on the wooded areas. This picture was taken by a friend last week. When I moved here I was cautioned to keep my small dog safe. This year we are having a winter like we have not seen in well over a decade. We have had two snow storms within the last week. The upside is that the outside looks pristine and white. The downside was the 35 active accidents at one time on about 3 Miles of freeway last week. We will have low temperature of -11F or -24C on Monday with more possible snow.

The deer in our local parks have trouble moving and foraging. And the coyotes are easier to see in the snow and also have trouble getting their normal prey.

A Happy New Year


Bonnie photo bombed my first selfie

Today is the first day of the new year and I have made no resolutions for the year. I can say I do have some ideas about how I want things to do some things differently the coming year.

This last week, Bonnie, my silky terrier, had her fourteenth birthday. I gave her a bit of leftover Christmas turkey and she was happy. The picture below was a taken on her birthday when we got a bit more snow. She was out on the deck and it was a bit warmer that day. She likes to bury her face in the snow and eat the snow. She spent a bit of time trying to catch snowballs.


It has turned colder again with more snow. Tomorrow, I will shovel her a path to the yard. In the meantime, she manages to look absolutely miserable at the door if she waits more than thirty seconds.


A Cold Winter Day

20131212-172434.jpgPhoto by Dane Gussin at a site near where I live

I got up early this morning and the temperature was 10 degrees F or -12 C. The sun was shining and there was not much of a wind but I must say my dog took care of her morning business outside with tremendous speed. When she came back in, she ran around the house for a few minutes to get warm.

With early errands, I left the house early. I just got a new battery for my car and had the radiator flushed so my trusty car started up without any hesitation. I went to four different places and I noticed how the cold was not bothering me today as much as it had a few weeks ago. It is so interesting to see how both my dog and I adapt to changes in the weather. And we always do.