Earlier this year, I decided to leave the church I had belonged to for over ten years. Blogging has been a way for me to grieve for the loss and begin to move on.

There are always two sides to every story so, I won’t bother with any details. It is like a divorce and this is not the place to ask any one to take sides. I can say that some people I thought I knew did something I thought lacked integrity and was unethical. I just couldn’t stay. People told me before I left that since the friendship was based upon being in the same organization that I would not have their friendship. Were they ever my friends? How conditional is friendship? If I have to fit into what they want me to do against my conscience as a condition, how do I live with myself? Continually compromising myself, doing things I don’t believe in would end up damaging me.

So I am living in the world of superficialities of acquaintances. I’m not sure it was ever any different. I am back to looking for someone that I can talk to more openly.