Like a Scene from a Bad Movie


Photo by Dane Gussin

It’s that time of year when I get my house ready for winter. This year I called a local handyman to help since I have a wonky shoulder and want it to get better. I thought that lifting and climbing ladders and such would not be good for me right now. So, I called them out to move my room air conditioner to the garage, cover two larger in the wall air conditioners, flip the mattress, and move some things.

They came on time and one did the outside work while the other came in to move my room air conditioner. He opened the window while grabbing the air conditioner and it slipped from his hands. The cord was stretched taut over the window sill. I thought maybe it didn’t hit the ground. Then, he pulled the plug and looked out the window. The look on his face was not good.

He said, “I think I’ll need a screw driver.”

He left the room. I was afraid to look. I thought I’ll at least plug it in in the garage to see if it works. I went out in the back yard to look. It was in pieces. This wasn’t going to be solved with a screw driver. I went back inside and called the business owner and left a message.


Who drops an appliance out of a window except in some sit com? I think I was in shock. Things like this do not happen in real life. And then I just had to laugh. It was so ridiculous. I got myself together and went back outside where they both apologized. I really wasn’t all that upset. It wasn’t a family heirloom. And it was funny.

I went outside again and the handyman said they would get me a new air conditioner in spring when they were in stock again. They left and I started laughing again. The business owner called and said they would get me another air conditioner. She thanked me for being good about it. How could I tell her that it was the funniest thing I had seen in along time.