My Bothersome Rotator Cuff


I know how many people out there have far more serious health problems than a strained rotator cuff or tendinitis whichever it is. This is my own rant because it has almost been a year and I am tired of being in pain. It has improved so much over this year that it hardly seems worth complaining about. But, I choose to complain.

By complaining, I hope to turn around how I feel about this. When this first happened, I could hardly drive a car. I couldn’t make turns easily in the car. Just putting my arm through a sleeve to get dressed almost brought me to tears. Combing my hair was a nightmare. I woke up very couple of hours when I tried to sleep.

Now, driving still causes a little pain but it is manageable. Getting dressed is easier. I have a new hairstyle which is easier and looks better. I can now use my left hand for more than ever before. I am getting some full nights of sleep. I can do my exercises more easily.

Remembering that my shoulder is so much better.