Sunday Evening at the Cadieux Cafe

20140513-203615.jpgLeft to right: Dwight Adams, Damon Warmack, Gordon, Sasha Kashperko

Last Sunday was one of the first evenings this years that didn’t require a jacket. The trip to the East side of Detroit is about 45 minutes and with my new car, I didn’t have to worry about the for a change. I arrived a little after the quartet was supposed to start playing. And they were not playing.

The group was put together by Damon Warmack and I knew he would have a good group of musicians. But, this was Mothers Day and many spend time with family for the day. Or, musicians play as background music in various restaurants where people take their mothers for brunch or dinner. I spotted Damon immediately. He was waiting for Dwight Adams( trumpet) who is one of my favorite musicians.

I talked to Damon for a few minutes and went to a table to sit down and order the “hot wings”. I was looking forward to the meal. Just thinking about it made my mouth water. I ordered and anticipated. The waitress was new and when she deliver the wings, she delivered them with only one napkin. The wings are completely covered with a spicy, hot barbecue sauce. Eating them with a knife and fork does not work. Each wing is picked up and dipped in the blue cheese dipping sauce. The dipping sauce cuts the spicy sauce just a bit. I like to wipe my hands after each wing. And after finish with a hand wipe before washing my hands in the bathroom. They are really messy.

This time though they were different. I think they made the change the last time I was here. I didn’t like it then and the wings were disappointing. The barbecue and dipping sauce were the same. They changed the wings. The wings were fatty. They had globules of fat in each wing so the texture was off. Eating unmelted chicken fat is not a taste I want I my mouth. I did get the extra napkins and hand wipe. I do not think I will order them again.

On the other hand, the music selections were really pleasing. The group did all Miles Davis tunes. With Dwight Adams playing trumpet, the interpretation of Miles could not have been better. They started with “So What”. Coincidentally, I have been playing Miles in my car and it was fun hearing another version. Damon carried his weight as usual and added some great runs on the bass guitar with that number. Sasha is relatively new on the scene and is a very good player. However, I think the volume of his guitar is too loud as compared to the other instruments. Sometimes you can’t hear the other players. He’ll learn. The drummer, Gordon, is also new on the scene. He has a lot more maturity than many young drummer which means he is not all about how loud he can play. I really was enjoying the music.

As the set went on though I began to have indigestion. Wing attack. I left after the first set so I could go home and take care of myself.

A Stressful Work Day


Wednesday may have been one of the worst work days I have ever had. Luckily, I started more relaxed than usual since I had just returned from a long holiday weekend at my son’s house. I had thought I would not ever write about work but Wednesday changed my mind.

I got to work about fifteen minutes before starting work. As I let myself in, I called out and nobody answered. I was working with two others and there was also someone in to handle the phones. I got things set up. I tried to unlock one of the drawers with files and the keys were not in the usual place. A couple of people were outside the door and I am not supposed to let anyone in until there are at least two employees. With opening scheduled in five minutes, there was still nobody except me. I checked the computer to see who was scheduled. By opening, there was a line of six at the doors. I decided to let them in since with that number, I was not concerned with being robbed. The phones be gam to ring. At one point about five minutes after opening, I was trying to check in six clients and handle three phone calls. A person who was not scheduled walked in and saw the mess I was in. She began to handle the calls while I was checking in clients who were not happy. I was really angry. I was also trying to not show it to the clients.

About fifteen minutes after starting time, the others began to show up. One walked in talking on her cell phone. It was clear she did not seem to think there was something amiss by being fifteen minutes late. Within five minutes, all the missing had checked in.

I must say I feel apart at the onslaught. The phone calls were not handled well. I didn’t greet the client well. The only thing that went well was that I got over it and to work fast.

Bagger Lottery


The other day I went grocery shopping at my favorite store. I was able to shop during a time when there are not many shoppers. I am usually able to get through the checkout lines without much waiting. During the slow times, the batters cover several lanes. This means I can pick it the checkout cashier and not the bigger.

I picked a cashier I had never seen before since there was no waiting at her lane. She handed me a store discount card and asked me if I had an email. I do have an email address. I got a discount and am not sure if I am supposed to register it with my email or what.

The bragger asked my if I wanted paper or plastic and I made my choice. Each bagger packs things differently. I hadn’t seen this one before. I’m sometimes think the bagger makes an assessment of the shopper. Or, maybe they pack the bags the way they do just because that is the way they pack the bags. I had an average amount of groceries. Some how it required 10 bags.

When I got home and checked the bags as I was getting them out of my trunk, I found each bag had very few items. Some bags had only two items. It is better than jammed full which causes the bags to break. Do they think I can’t handle over five pounds? This way of packing just seems wasteful.

I picked up all ten bags and carried them into the house in one trip. The error I have made in the past with this type of packing is not getting all the bags out of the trunk. This time I did and it all turned out well.