Kenny Cox Tribute at the Carr Center

On December 13, 2015, I went to the Carr Center in downtown Detroit to go to a tribute concert for Kenny Cox a noted jazz pianist. He was one of the noted musicians who was born in Detroit and spent a great part of his career in Detroit. His wife was interviewed by Rodney Whitaker(bass) during the intermission and read a couple of passages from his diary. I liked how much attention he paid to melody according to the notes from his diary. It was apparent in the passage she read and in his music.The playing of the musicians showed an unusual intensity. They were so good and did play “Cherokee” which is one of my favorites. “Alone Together”, another favorite, was also part of the program.

 Kenny Cox Tribute at the Carr Center on Dec. 13, 2015

The musicians from left to right are Cory Kendrick(piano), Vincent Bowens(sax and flute), Diego Rivera(sax), Rodney Whitaker(bass in the background), Rayse Biggs(tpt) and Sean Dobbins(drum). Shahidah Narullah and Rodney Whitaker’s daughter also were vocalist on the gig.

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