Punch in the Gut

The Detroit Institue of Arts is a place I visit often. The collections are varied and exquisite. Detroit is one of the older cities in the United States and started collecting our earlier than some of the newer cities. The museum also has some great exhibitions highlighting a variety of modern and historic traditions.  

Right now, they have exhibition call 30 Americans which is an exhibition of African American artists. I like to go alone so I can take my time with the art.

This picture was, at first, a ho-hum piece. After a closer look, it was like a punch in the gut. I had to go back and look several times.  

“Priceless” by Hank Willis Thomas   

What we see every day in the media is reports of gun violence. We see the police cars and people standing around looking. Sometimes there is a glimpse of a grieving relative. This picture brings home the aftermath of gun violence on the family and community. 

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