Listening to Caravan….


Last night I had planned to go out to Motor City wine to hear the Mike Jellick Trio. However, the power was out and I had to be satisfied with Wednesday night. I had seen the Wednesday night and I do like how they play. On Wednesday night though, the table next to me was talking all the way through the music. On the last number of the first set, they played “Caravan” which is one of my favorite songs. I talked to Mike Jellick about it a little after and how much I like the way he plays the song.

The song is a jazz standard made famous by Duke Ellington
and composed by Jaun Tizol. It was first recorded in 1936. The song itself has an exotic flavor which does set it apart from the average jazz number. The melody is immediately memorable. I had Duke Ellington’s version and I liked the song but it didn’t become one of my favorites until I heard a Thelonious Monk version. His playing let me hear how much versatility was possible in the song.

It became one of my favorites slowly over the last few years. I have heard it played by so many different musicians. What I began to hear is how the musician can put their own spin on the number ion so many ways. At one point about a year ago, the Mike Jellick Trio played the song for six weeks in a row. The amazing part was that he did it differently each week. Each time he played, I mentally started cruising along in my mind and then he took it in a new direction. The creativity is amazing. They did it again on Wednesday night.

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