Sub Zero Adventures

20140108-122328.jpgThis is the latest picture of my back deck. The snow has compacted so it was higher when it was new. I t has been cold last few days. Yesterday did not above 0Degrees F or -18c. It has been a long time since we have had a cold spell like this.

I went to work on Monday for a few hours. With the thermostat on 90 F, the office was still cold. At below zero temp, the roads get plowed but it is too cold for any salting to work. So, driving is over plowed roads with a layer of ice some of the time. You can feel it on the road suddenly when y hit some ice . The car is basically out of control if you are on a freeway.

I left work and decided to take the freeway. As is was entering the freeway, there was an accident in front of me and a car to my right was trying to avoid the accident and was heading for my car. I headed for the snow bank and landed deep in the snow. It was clear there was no damage to me. I was in the snow bank between the freeway entrance and the service road. I had my cellphone and put in a call to AAA. The are a road assistance service. The recorded message informed me of extreme conditions and said I would have a 20 minute wait. So I sat, blinkers blinking and car running so I was a least not freezing. Several stopped by to offer assistance. I was still on hold and said I’m o.k..

At 45 minutes on hold my resolve was fading. A Good Samaritan stopped and asked if he could help. As he was trying to help, two guys stopped to help. I have a small car and he had an SUV so the bumpers were such a mismatch, he couldn’t push me from the front. They did some digging. And they decided they could push from the back and he could push me out that way, it didn’t work. I was in deeper. I had dropped my phone and lost the call.

One of the guys came up with a new plan. He called the local police. They stayed with me while waiting for the police. I was on my second hold call. Then I saw the flashing lights behind me after fifteen minutes. I have never been so happy to see a cop car with flashing lights behind me in my life. He decided it was a “hazard” to be stuck where I was stuck. My helpers left. He called a tow truck. He blocked traffic with his car until the until the tow truck came. The truck came after another 10 minutes. The driver had me sit in the car while he towed me out. We checked to make sure nothing was wrong with the car. And I was free. It is good to know there are so many willing to help in a pinch.

2 thoughts on “Sub Zero Adventures

    • As I’m reading your post, I’m still snuggled in bed with my doggy Bonnie snuggled in her fleece blanket. I’m am thinking of going out. I found my fur hat and it is sunny but still stepping into the cold is a shock to the system.

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