Brizola and a Little Music


I went to Brizola last night to see Charles Greene play some jazz. The restaurant is located in the Greektown Casino in the Greektown area of Detroit. I have never been to the casino on a Saturday night. I do use the casino parking structure when I go to Greektown. It was full up to the eleventh level. Usually when I go, I walk through the casino to get to the street and on week nights, it is not very crowded. As I walked from the garage to the casino through the enclosed bridge, I saw a young man wearing a kilt

20131103-090425.jpgSome women behind me were outraged to see a man wearing a dress in public as they put it. A minute later, going the other way, a young man and his date passed us in Halloween costumes and he was wearing a dress as well.

Brizola is an upscale restaurant tucked away from the gaming. The floor was crowded and all the machines had players. Stepping in to Brizola was like stepping into a different planet. The bar is a circular bar which is secluded from the dining floor by a fence. I sat at the bar and asked for the menu which I had checked out online. The menu was presented on an iPad with pictures of each dish appearing when you tapped the item. I ordered the waygu tenderloin tartare appetizer. I love steak tartare and see it on a menu infrequently. I have not had it for about seven years and could hardly wait. I sat and looked around the bar.


Charles Greene came off break and started to play. It was just what I needed . The music was relaxing and not stimulating. It is perfect for the casino atmosphere. The noise and chaos of the casino floor is all stimulation. They served me some bread while I was waiting. I had a choice of butter, balsamic vinegar or olive oil for dipping. The bread was warm and I a warm napkin. I was told they use homemade butter.

The tartare took a while and I did eat some very good bread. When the tartare finally came, I was so excited that I did not take a picture. So, all I can do is describe the plate. The tartare was centered on a teardrop shaped plate. To the right, it had four small semicircles of toast. To the left were large shavings or Parmesan Reggiano and some homemade butter. The bartender asked if I wanted salt and pepper. I tasted the tartare. It was seasoned perfectly. I could taste the wine, salt and pepper. I think I caught a hint of possibly anchovy paste. It was not served with a raw egg which was fine with me. I took a piece of toast, added a slice of the Parmesan and topped it with the tartare. I was in food heaven. I wanted to wolf it down and fought with myself to eat it slowly to make it last. The music was relaxing me and slowed me down. Charles does fit in perfectly with the place and his music quieted my mind so when I got home I got a great night of sleep.

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