Olga’s Kitchen for Lunch


I have been wanting a gyro sandwich for several weeks. I think the desire started when I took a continuing education class for work. I had worked in that office in the summer and one of my memories was of the gyro sandwiches I had ordered from the Athenian Coney Island across the street.

I was walking through a local mall when I spotted Olga’s Kitchen. I remembered that they serve a gyro they call Olga’s Original and decided to give into my craving. As I thought, it was on the menu. So, I ordered and my mouth watered with anticipation. It was described with having the beef and lamb meat, vine ripened tomatoes, onions and Olga sauce. When it came it was all tightly contained within the pita bread. I couldn’t see the sauce. I took the toothpick out, opened the pita and looked. It may have have had tablespoon of sauce under the rest of the ingredients. I had to lift up the meat and tomato to find it. I had not been to an Olga in over a decade and this was not as I remembered. It certainly fell short of the gyro I had pictured in my mind. The sandwich was light on ingredients and dry. Maybe the sad sandwich was why I hadn’t been there for so long. The server was adequate but did not come back to offer a coffee refill which might have done a little to salvage the experience.


I had pictured something like the picture above. It had the moistening, tasty tsatziki sauce practically oozing out of the pita. The sandwich was full of tomatoes and onions. The pita is so full that eating it requires a fork to get all the goodness. I will be near the Athenian Coney Island tomorrow and will make time to get a real gyro.

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