Sample Saturday

This was a 20131027-123031.jpg

Saturday is not my favorite day for grocery shopping since it is more crowded that usual. I ended up shopping since I had a coupon for free bread that was expiring on Saturday. I also used the five dollars off meat coupon. The good part of Sturday shopping is that there are people, usually women, who are giving samples of food hoping the shoppers will buy.

As I was walking by the deli counter trying not to look, one of the sampler women was pushing hummus and pita chips. She was telling the shoppers that this is a low calorie snack and we could eat as much as we want because it it low calorie. The picture above is one serving of the hummus and pita chips. It is about two tablespoons of the hummus (1oz.) at 40 calories and three pita chips (1oz.) At 78 calories. Or 118 calories for one serving of both. I stopped to talk. I told her that eating a lot of the product adds calories. She continued to tell me how low calorie it was. There was no example of a serving on the table although she did mention correctly that it was two tablespoons.

I was planning on buying the hummus and pita chips so I picked up what I wanted and started to leave.
She tried again. ” Take the large size, its low calorie.”
I asked her if I ate the whole package would I still not gain weight. This caused her to pause.
She relied on her sound bite. “It’s low calorie.”
I gave up. I was stunned that two people could have such a different thought process. I’m sure she had been told what to say about the product and possibly didn’t think about it. I can tell you that when I was in sales I checked the hype and had a different message than the canned one.

2 thoughts on “Sample Saturday

  1. Hi there, In Israel and all over the Middle East – Hummus is a basic, staple food in its basic form (feel free to visit my new blog here and view my recipe). But over the past decade or so it has become only the base for so many delicious, nutritious recipes.

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