Dinner at the Dirty Dog


Last night intent to the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe in Grossed Pointe for dinner and music again. I had planned on trying the 3 for 30 which is three courses for thirty dollars. This particular venue has quite an upscale menu and prices to match. When I saw the menu, I changed my mind. I ordered the spinach salad and fried chicken. They are both foods I like and do not do at home.

The spinach salad was described as spinach, mushrooms, red onions, egg, white balsamic with stone mustard crème. The spinach was baby spinach and all the other ingredients were there plus some roasted red pepper slices. It was good although the various ingredients were not well integrated into the salad. Of course, I did manage to do that for myself at the table. They also served me two fresh hot rolls at the same time. The rolls were served with butter that had seasoning on the top of the piece and was served with a little olive oil on the plate. The butter was soft and melted easily into the the warm fragrant rolls. The butter seasoning added just extra flavor. Unfortunately, I took the picture after I had elated half the salad.


The fried chicken was not what I had expected at all. It was described as fried chicken, sage dressing and garlic spinach. It was served with the garlic spinach in the center of the plate with the sage dressing arranged around it. The fried chicken was on top. Where do I start? The garlic spinach when I found it was overlooked for my taste. I prefer it just wilted. The flavor was good though. The sage dressing, on the other hand, was wonderful. The actual bread pieces were much larger than usual and soaked with a deep savory gravy. Each piece was a satisfying nugget of wonderful. The fried chicken was actually a paillard of white meat breaded in panko. The chicken was dry. I saved it by eating a piece of dressing and a bite of chicken and sopping it up in any gravy I could find. I won’t order the fried chicken again but if they ever offer a side of dressing, I would take it in a minute.


3 thoughts on “Dinner at the Dirty Dog

    • It is a nice place. The Kobe burger is very good. But, I want to find something different than a burger. I had the salmon a long time ago and liked it. I’ll be going again soon. For dessert, my friend had the apple crisp which is like no apple crisp I’ve ever seen and she really liked it. They have good jazz. Wednesday and Thursday are the least crowded of the jazz nights.

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