The Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe – The Music


The Dirty Dog is a great place to go for music. It has really excellent food. The sound is good. They ask patrons to keep the conversation down during performance. The music is almost always a real gig. You know who and what you are getting when you walk into the place.

A friend and I saw the Rayse Biggs Quartet last Thursday. Thursday is a “no cover” day for the most part. They do want you to order food. There are sides and appetizers available for the frugal.

20131012-161807.jpgLeft to Right: Gayelynn McKinney, Ib Jones, Rayse Biggs, and on the screen you can see the hands of Buddy Budson.

The first number they played was “Oriental Folk Song” which is a Wayne Shorter composition. I really like the melody on this one and was pleased to hear it. I don’t hear it often. sometimes I tend to go see the same folks play and altering my choices can renew my joy in the music. this set was one of those that pushed me back into music. Also, Thursday is a quiet night and it is so nice to sit and listen and not have a loud table right next to me. It was about the music. They also did “First Light” by Freddie Hubbard and the flugelhorn was wonderful. And “Break City” by Horace Silver was another number. For me, this was an especially good set since I do not hear these numbers often.


4 thoughts on “The Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe – The Music

  1. This is my kind of room. I wish I could have been there.

    If you are ever in London you should visit Ronnie Scotts’ club. I have been there about a dozen times and I have never seen a bad musician there. You could walk in and without looking at the board to see who’s performing that night, and you would leave not dissappointed! I can’t remember the people I saw there at this moment, except one: Miss Bertice Reading (sadly no longer with us). I loved her when she sang”’ve got the right key, but yer pushing at the wrong keyhole…”).

      • Jazz Fest eh? Sounds nice, specially in the home of Motor city.

        So we’ve left the snug and warm jazz room. Why not check this out. A Jazz Festival lovingly filmed in 1960 at the Newport Jazz fest with the trials for the America’s Cup in the background. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

      • Thanks, I’ll check it out.

        Yes, the Dirty Dog is snug and cozy and they have a pop up restaurant at the Jazz Fest. A three day FREE festival on the first weekend of September. This year, I saw Ahmed Jamal and McCoy Tyner. I choose to cheat on the free so I buy tickets for $300 for reserved seats at three stages. However, they are first come , first serve. I was in the second row for Ahmed Jamal and loved every minute of it. Next week, I will be heading back to see Dwight Adams at the Dirty Dog. He blows a trumpet that is like a laser to my brain.

        I have watched part of the movie and it is so good to see so many that are great playing in their prime. What a beautiful gift….

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