The Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe – The Meal


I went to the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe on Thursday, October 10, 2013 for both music and a meal. This place is good for both. It also has a listening policy which asks patrons to keep conversation to a minimum during the show.

The meals can be expensive. It is possible to be satisfied with an appetizer, side or dessert. I got the Kobe Burger.

20131011-092646.jpgThe Kobe Burger is not your average burger. It does use Kobe beef. I asked for medium rare and it was cooked to perfection. It has some pork belly, with a white truffle aioli. It has a red onion relish with arugula. The relish has a slightly acidic taste. And it has a slice of Swiss Cheese. They serve it on a house roll. It has such a depth of flavor and is so rich that I could only eat half of it. It was served with duck fat fries which has the effect of slowing down my eating since each bite is almost like a full meal. They are served with a spicy catsup and a mayonnaise aioli. The spicy catsup is a great counterpoint to the fries. The coffee served with the meal is deep strong dessert coffee.

Even though I couldn’t finish my meal, I ordered dessert.

I am a sucker for crème brûlée and I ordered it. It was a little disappointing for me. It was a little too sweet for my taste. And although the top had the satisfying crack I like, it was scorched in some areas.

It did accompany the music well.

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