Earlier this year, I decided to leave the church I had belonged to for over ten years. Blogging has been a way for me to grieve for the loss and begin to move on.

There are always two sides to every story so, I won’t bother with any details. It is like a divorce and this is not the place to ask any one to take sides. I can say that some people I thought I knew did something I thought lacked integrity and was unethical. I just couldn’t stay. People told me before I left that since the friendship was based upon being in the same organization that I would not have their friendship. Were they ever my friends? How conditional is friendship? If I have to fit into what they want me to do against my conscience as a condition, how do I live with myself? Continually compromising myself, doing things I don’t believe in would end up damaging me.

So I am living in the world of superficialities of acquaintances. I’m not sure it was ever any different. I am back to looking for someone that I can talk to more openly.

6 thoughts on “Fractured

  1. You’re not alone– I know a lot of people, (and I’m one of the many), who have been hurt and disillusioned.

    Perhaps, unillusioned is a better word. Sometimes revelation comes in the form of the shattering of illusions. Sounds like you outgrew superficial relationships. And if you’re capable of recognizing the superficial one, you’ll also be capable of finding the deeper, more true, and alas, more rare ones. Be patient, the people you’re looking for are out there.

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