The Dulcimer Lesson


I had a dulcimer lesson yesterday. I had just gotten the new winter playlist and have some new songs to learn. I got a grip on two of them during the lesson.

There are times when I think there is no progress. As I thought back, there has been a lots of progress since the beginning. After once our twice through a song yesterday, I was able to play it with my teacher. Granted that it was not as fast as I will have to play it, but I did play it with her. I could hear when my timing was not right yesterday and could not do it at first. My shouter was injured last November and has been holding me back. As the shoulder improves, I may be that my progress will also improve.

So, I have made progress and was being to hard on myself. There are times when I need to reflect back to the beginning of a new activity or change to realize how much has changed ant not be so hard on myself.

2 thoughts on “The Dulcimer Lesson

  1. It’s good to look back to get a better picture of our progress. And yes, don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Sorry you hurt your shouter (I was thinking that was a new slangy word for voice…), I mean shoulder. Certainly it will get easier as healing progresses.

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