Lemon Artichoke Chicken


There are times in my life when I take the time to prepare myself food that feeds my spirit as well as my body.

I got the recipe for this food from the Big Oven website where I do a lot recipe hunting. The first time I followed the recipe almost. This one is not hard to cook and it is a breast of chicken with a sauce that has artichoke hearts, capers and lemon juice. So the taste is lemony. The breast is sautéed in butter and with scallions and garlic. The sauce is made in the pan with the juices of the breast by adding white wine , lemon juice and unsalted chicken broth. The sauce is a rich and bright at the same time. When it finished has the capers and artichoke hearts are added. it really enhances the flavor of chicken breast.

I will probably not serve it with the angel hair pasta with pesto and peas again. The future plans may be spinach or asparagus or baby carrots.

Although this is clearly not high quality restaurant food, it was a dinner that made me feel good.

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