Bacon Fascination


My fascination with bacon all started about six months ago when a new butcher opened shop near my credit union. I stopped in because I needed some meat.

While I was getting the meat I decided to do a little more shopping since the prices seemed good. I did my shopping and for the first time in my life, I bought bacon that was not pre wrapped in a plastic package. I bought their standard bacon. It was so much better than what I had been buying all my life. I had a bacon experience.

The next time went to the shop, I looked at all the varieties of bacon. They had pecan smoked, cherrywood smoked and apple smoked. They cost a little more. I picked the applewood smoked since it was the smallest price jump. It was wonderful. It had the saltiness of bacon with a slight sweet flavor of apples. The world of bacon beckoned me. The next time I went, I bought the pecan smoked bacon. This was not as good for me. When I opened the package, I could smell the smoke and not the pecan. It tasted like eating a chimney.

Then, I looked at the cherrywood smoked bacon with the extra thick slices. It was more expensive again but I thought I could eat one piece at a time and it the expense would not be so great. I rationed myself to one piece at a time. I savored each and every delicious, salty sweet bite and wondered why I had not discovered the world of bacon before now.

Last week. I went in to buy my cherrywood smoked bacon and the shop was out of it. The shop had added a new bacon and in the spirit of adventure, I gave it a try. The new bacon was Duroc apple smoked bacon. It was far leaner than any bacon on the shelf. I learned that a Duroc is a type of pig. I only bought a few slices intending to go back in a few days to get my cherry smoked bacon.

When I cooked the Duroc applewood smoked bacon, the fat rendered out so well. I was left with a perfectly crisp piece of salty, apple sweet wonderful bacon. While I was eating the bacon, I envisioned the pigs being raised on a farm where they provided pigs with a daily massage along with the mud baths. It was so satisfying and tasty it could only have been the product of very happy pigs. So, right now I’m sticking with the Duroc applewood smoked bacon until the butcher introduces me to yet another new and more wonderful bacon.

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