Aftermath, Detroit Jazz Festival 2013


When’s i got my so called VIP wristbands in the mail, I noticed that I did not get one for the Friday evening reception. In a way, I didn’t care. If learned that I did not order early enough. The Friday reception is catered appetizers. During the reception, I have been asked who I am. There is then a three hour performance. This year it was Danilo Pérez followed by Dave Murray featuring Macy Gray. Although the appetizers have always been ok, the performance part has not been good. People are crowded on folding chairs. This audience includes the large donators and the corporate sponsors. Over the several years I have gone, it has been my experience that a lot of people in that crowd chat a lot during the performance.

This year, at first, at the Chase stage there were three tiers of reserved seats. The first tier was for the sponsors and larger contributors. The second was for wheelchair access and then the VIP tickets. There were only six people in the first tier which would have held 50. Some talked through the performance. Others were relatives of the performers. There were four in the second tier and not a wheelchair in sight. The rest of us were in the last tier. Can you imagine what it is like for a performer looking out on empty chairs.

This year I had to wait in line to get my parking validated. There were two lines. One was for the larger contributors and the other for the rest of us. Line one had one person working and usually finished with each person in about a minute. My line had three people taking care of one person in line and took about three minutes for each person.

This year as in other years, some people save seats for their friends. This year as in the past, a great many seats were saved for people who never came.

Still, I do get to sit in seats which are closer than standing in the back. And there are things that probably mean I will do it again next year.

There is the access to cold bottled water for the entire festival. And, they have a buffet each day with a different menu each day. Most of the food available from the booths are the kind of food that tastes good going down but usually causes me to have some upset due to the high fat content. At the buffet, I was able to get a filling well balanced meal that just made me feel good.

This time I put my dog in the kennel. She has not quite forgiving me yet. At the kennel, she is in either the small dog play grip all day or the geriatric group. She does not eat well there and ate a lot on her first day home. She was groomed on the way out and is now back home.


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