Early Sunday Listening at the Detroit Jazz Festival 2013


Spirit of Detroit, Detroit, MI

After another good night of sleep, I headed down to the Detroit Jazz Festival on Sunday, September 1, 2013. Last year, i had gone to the celebrity jazz jam at the Marriot. it was too crowded and I couldn’t hear the music or get served due to the crowd.

The drive is easy and I went to the Compuware Parking garage. Walking from the garage I stopped at the Chase stage to see the Bill Charlap Trio with Jon Faddis and Jesse Davis. I had liked Bill Charlap the day before and wanted to see a bit more. It was easy to see where I was. I enjoyed the music. The best part about the Detroit Jazz Festival is that post who come are interested in the music. The exceptions are the guests of the sponsors. They get special seating and many chat all the way through the performance. I hadn’t planned as well as I thought and was limited in time.

20130902-115529.jpgBill Charlap Trio with Jon Faddis and Jesse Davis.

As I walked briskly down Woodward, I stopped to take a picture of the Spirit of Detroit statue and just one of the street acts performing all day for tips.


I was rushing in order to see Warren Wolf. It was a quartet put together for the Fest including Bob Hurst on bass, Carl Allen on drums, Aaron Diehl on piano and another piano player whose name I did Not catch. The song I really liked was “Virgo”. It was extremely complex and had so many layers. The pic is not the best since the shadows hide most of the musicians.


I got to the VIP area for lunch before they stopped serving. The lunch was rolls, chicken in sauce, pasta, tilapia, vinaigrette potato salad, green beans, a fruit plate, cookies and several flavors of mousse.

20130902-122142.jpgVIP Area

I will post the rest of the day later. I am going down a little early for the last day of the festival.

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