Once Upon a Time

Just my cup of tea….



Once upon a time, it was a dark and stormy night.

A tall, dark, and handsome knight was bored out of his mind.

Far, far away, a damsel was in distress.

The knight woke up and smelled the coffee.

The time had come to cut to the chase.

So he put the pedal to the metal.

He went the whole nine yards.

Then he went the extra mile.

He was careful not to burn any bridges along the way.

But he did break a leg.

It was nothing to sneeze at.

He took two cookies and saw the doctor in the morning.

Then he felt snug as a bug in a rug.

He turned nutty as a fruitcake and barked like a dog.

Unfortunately, he was barking up the wrong tree.

Fortunately, he had an ace up his sleeve.

Until he lost his shirt.

So he followed his nose.


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Clean Water Fresh Air Contaminated Parks

The pet coke is being moved and will be gone since Detroit Bulk Storage did not get a permit. However, if the permit is granted, it may be right back. Their solution to the blowing problem for the company is to spray the pile with epoxy.


We are told the water is safe. The air is clean. But it is unsafe to play on the swings and slide because the park next to where the Petroleum Coke is stored on the Detroit River is contaminated.


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Adventurous Jazz


Last night, August 22, 2013, I finally got out for some music. I went to Motor City Wine to see the Michael Jellick Trio. This one is a gig rather than a jam so it is much more unified event without trying to integrate many musicians.

It was a small crowd which is ambiguous situation for me. It means much less ambient noise. I worry the bar owner will cancel. Last night, it allowed the musicians to experiment a little. I had planned to go to Cliff Bells after one set but the quality of the music kept me for the second set.

The sound here is such that it is a good listening event. They did “One Day My Prince Will Come”. The way this group does it has made it one of my favorites. When I hear the first few notes, I begin to smile. Each time, the intro is different and it is a new song each time. After the number, I was thinking how much I liked it when a friend sitting with me commented on how beautiful it was.

This trio has an amazing calming effect on me. It makes for great sleeping when I get home. Michael Jellick plays with so much complexity that my brain gets tired. Last night, the musicians were on an experimental playground. Michael was changing the volume inside some of the numbers. Michael also did a lot of tempo changes last night. The other kept up with all the changes making for a great sound.

The drummer, Jesse Kramer, kept up with all of it. During one number he used his brushes three ways for three different sounds matching Michael’s play with volume. Last night he used some sticks that had another different sound. After the evening was over, I talked to him and found out it was many little bamboo skewers taped together. Most young drummers do their solos as long and loud. Jesse shows a subtlety and comprehension not usually seen in young drummers.

Eric Nachtrab is relatively new to this trio and is a good fit. His solos are not too long. I am slowly seeing his musical character revealed . Most important though is that he completes the group unified sound.

So, my brain was worn out when I left for home and I was happy,


A small clip from early in the evening….

FaceBook Post

This mess is in the neighborhood called Downriver so most of Detroit never sees it. It is a Koch Carbon tar sands by product that was deposited on our shores without permission. It is slowly being moved to Ohio. The storage of pet coke is expanding to cities all over the country. The company is now seeking permission for the storage.


FaceBook Post
Posted on August 22, 2013
Yesterday I posted this picture with the status quote

If you consider yourself living Downriver the Pet-Coke is flying today so hold your breath.

I later received a message stating I was suspended from posting on Facebook for 12 Days.
Maybe this is why this story doesn’t get the media it deserves.

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Bonnie Bars the Door


Bonnie, my 13 year old Silky Terrier, keeps a watchful eye on my comings and goings. When I walk in the door, she greets me with wild abandoned joy.

She is vigilant for any signs that I might go out. She has separation anxiety. When she was a puppy, she dug an 11×18 inch hole it the wall leading to the garage. I came home and found a destroyed wood molding and the hole. She had plasterboard stuck in her whiskers and splinters everywhere. If dogshaming.com had been operational at that time she would have been the star for the day. I now have a baby gate between her and the door. Over the years, I have tried several things to alter behavior. She is far better now but the anxiety is still there.

She watches as I get dressed. She looks at me if I go near my purse. Reaching for the keys or going into the garage has her following me.

She has over the years developed strategies for delaying my exit. She runs to the kitchen and looks plaintively at her water bowl. I fill it. Even though she may have just been out, she pretends she has to relieve herself. She is out for a long, long time. She does come when I call her in my mother voice. Then, she races to the door putting herself between me and the door. I lift her 10 lb. body up and over the baby’s gate. She now gives abut 30 seconds worth of whimpers instead of the youthful howls I used to hear.

So the game is winding down and she now knows I will come home.


From home to Home

The Detroit feeling explained….

The Sound

I’ve arrived in Detroit. To me, Detroit is home, but not in a sentimental or nostalgic sense. In the past week when I mentioned to anyone that I was headed to Detroit, usually their response was something like, “Oh, are you going to see family?”

Well, sort of. I’ll see family next week, when I head outstate. Right now, I’m visiting Detroit (and also friends in Detroit). Detroit is home in the sense that it is where my mental map is centered, and it has formed my identity. It’s true I was born here, but I didn’t grow up in the city; I chose to live in the city as an adult, and immediately felt a sense of belonging.

It’s hard to explain—but why should I have to explain it? It’s like being in love. If you can explain why you’re in love with someone, then it’s probably not the…

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Shopping Weird


Sometime the talk at work goes to shopping especially since our summer office is located in the first enclosed mall in the Detroit area. Most people I work with go the to very large one stop shopping stores. I am weird.

I have tried those stores. And yes, I can get everything on my list in those stores. And with the price of gas, I can see the benefit of one stop shopping. I do have my own routine in shopping and the way I do it means that is get the food I want.

Since I have been retired and only working part time, I have found that taking the time to cook well for myself is a joy. One of the unexpected outcomes has been a change in in how I taste the food. I was also pushed along this path by my daughter and son-in-law taking me to some critically acclaimed restaurants in the Los Angeles, CA area. I have also found I can eat in good places for lunch on my own in Detroit.

So , now I go to a butcher shop. They have the most wonderful fresh, wild salmon. The fishmonger there has taught me so much. It has opened a new world for me. The quality of the meat section is just as good. I am now a fan of cherrywood smoked thick bacon. And the butchers are also great teachers.

Last night I had my favorite of Salmon with lemon caper sauce, spinach and baby carrots sprinkled with a little curry powder. I am now growing herbs and for the lemon caper sauce, I add fresh dill.

My next stop is the bakery. In general, the bread in supermarkets is usually bland and very soft.

I do go to a supermarket for most of my produce. The one I go to is in a multi- ethnic area and has an incredibly wide variety in the produce section. I can walk through the section and not be familiar with some of the selections. The store does provide the name and with my handy smartphone, I check it out and see if I can try something new. And i do go to the local farmers markets. Some of our local produce stores do not have the variety. And some that specialize in cheap have produce at the end of its life. I have wondered if the produce guys go dumpster diving outside of restaurants to get the produce.

So when we talk at work, I don’t get the cheapest. I don’t get much that is frozen. I do have good food with very little waste. And the folks at work still think I have no idea how to shop properly.