Shopping Weird


Sometime the talk at work goes to shopping especially since our summer office is located in the first enclosed mall in the Detroit area. Most people I work with go the to very large one stop shopping stores. I am weird.

I have tried those stores. And yes, I can get everything on my list in those stores. And with the price of gas, I can see the benefit of one stop shopping. I do have my own routine in shopping and the way I do it means that is get the food I want.

Since I have been retired and only working part time, I have found that taking the time to cook well for myself is a joy. One of the unexpected outcomes has been a change in in how I taste the food. I was also pushed along this path by my daughter and son-in-law taking me to some critically acclaimed restaurants in the Los Angeles, CA area. I have also found I can eat in good places for lunch on my own in Detroit.

So , now I go to a butcher shop. They have the most wonderful fresh, wild salmon. The fishmonger there has taught me so much. It has opened a new world for me. The quality of the meat section is just as good. I am now a fan of cherrywood smoked thick bacon. And the butchers are also great teachers.

Last night I had my favorite of Salmon with lemon caper sauce, spinach and baby carrots sprinkled with a little curry powder. I am now growing herbs and for the lemon caper sauce, I add fresh dill.

My next stop is the bakery. In general, the bread in supermarkets is usually bland and very soft.

I do go to a supermarket for most of my produce. The one I go to is in a multi- ethnic area and has an incredibly wide variety in the produce section. I can walk through the section and not be familiar with some of the selections. The store does provide the name and with my handy smartphone, I check it out and see if I can try something new. And i do go to the local farmers markets. Some of our local produce stores do not have the variety. And some that specialize in cheap have produce at the end of its life. I have wondered if the produce guys go dumpster diving outside of restaurants to get the produce.

So when we talk at work, I don’t get the cheapest. I don’t get much that is frozen. I do have good food with very little waste. And the folks at work still think I have no idea how to shop properly.

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