A Trying Transaction


When my power was out last weekend, I tried to buy some candles. I did have candles but all of them were scented and did not offer much light.

I went to a major drugstore and yes, I know I probably should’ve gone to a hardware store. I had tried Target and all they had were scented candles. I looked and just couldn’t find any candles whatsoever. I had some candles at home so I decided to just check out and look for candles later.

Before checking out though, I asked the clerk if they had any candles. She told me they were right at the end of aisle number four. There were candles at the end of aisle four right where she said they were. They were all scented candles. I went back upfront to check out. The clerk asked me if I found the candles. I said yes I had but, I really didn’t want any scented candles.

I could hardly believe what happened next. She reached under the counter and pulled out a catalog. It was a home decoration catalog. And on the cover it had led candles for sale. They also had rather hideous designs all over the side of the candles. She said this was exactly what I was looking for. These were not scented candles. They were really ugly candles. Being polite, I said no thank you. She persisted.

What was she thinking? I had no power in my home and had mentioned the reason I wanted the candles. Did she think my power would be out for a month? She tried again. This time I said I’m not interested. She was not happy and it showed.

A real disconnect….

2 thoughts on “A Trying Transaction

  1. If it wasn’t the *store’s* catalog (you mentioned it was a home decoration catalog), I would have gone to the manager and let her/him know their employee was trying to moonlight while on the job.

    • I did think about doing just that. I know I will not be returning to that particular store ever since it was a store normally out of my way. But, yes, she was moonlighting. I wonder how many other catalogs she has stored under the counter.

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