The Hair Salon Ritual


About once a month I go and get my hair cut. It used to be quite short and I’m growing it out but still feel the need to add a little shape and style to my hair. I’ve found that by getting it cut, it is easier and less time each day. And I have found someone who does a really good job.

We live in very different worlds. She is in a far suburb of Detroit. She lives in a hose that some refer to as a McMansion. It is similar to the homes pictured above. It is not really a McMansion. It is a development of houses all built at the same time with little variety. He house is decorated with many shades of beige.

She is in a traditional marriage. She has told me that her husband manages all the finances and she has not idea of what he earns of how they spend their money. I knew I could not live like that. In Detroit, we have an excellent art museum, historical museums, science museums and more. Her teenage girls have never been. She talks about how well rounded her kids are. I think it is because they take so many different kinds of sports lessons. I wonder.

She once told me once that she could not understand how the people who got caught in the hurricane Katrina could not take care of themselves. She told me she was smart enough so that her family would not have had to face any hardship in the same situation.

I have learned not to venture an opinion here. I have dared to disagree with her in the past. She does not like it. She is happy with her life.

I like the way she does my hair. I can feel though that I have reached the point where I’ll be looking for a new hairdresser.

3 thoughts on “The Hair Salon Ritual

  1. Too bad about the hairdresser, especially since you like the way she does your hair. Also unfortunate how some are unable to understand that there are many people in the world living under *many* different conditions…

  2. Getting your hair cut is a very personal experience.
    I find it quite meditative…….. I’m not sure that I could put up with this particular lady.

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