And the Heavy Fireworks Start…..


I went out to hear the Mike Jellick Trio at Northern Light lounge after work on July 3, 2013. I planned on being there for just one set since it is the time of year when some of my neighbors begin the July 4th celebration early.

I got to the bar and the sound check was in progress. I had time to order something and decided to order a Reuben sandwich. When it is done well it is so good. I got my club soda and lime and settled in to enjoy the music and my meal.

I got my Reuben and the filling was all I expected. It had lean corned beef, creamy cole slaw, thousand Island dressing, and melted Swiss cheese on rye bread. The only problem was the sandwich is supposed to be grilled. The texture of the grilled rye bread adds an additional texture of a crisp crunch. This sandwich had zero crunch. The bread was warm and soft with no crunch whatsoever. I mentioned this to the server. She said she had seen it on the grill. I said it wasn’t fully grilled. She said it was on the grill for a long time. I gave up and ended up taking it home to grill. Since servers in this country depend on their tips to live, I usually tip generously. This time it was a 10 percent tip to the penny.

The music started and I was in a good place. I had to work to get out of my distracted state of mind. This time the music was just a little bit spacey. The use of the second keyboard had a lot of synthesizer sounding riffs. Well, I like Mike for his very innovative spirit and the spirit was there but, I didn’t enjoy the content as much this time. I was still able to slide into it and relax.

After the set, I went home and the sound of fireworks exploding over the neighborhood. The neighborhood was exploding with sound. I got my dog in her Thundershirt and she was calm and happy.

This four day weekend in Detroit is a wonderful place for music. The Concert of Colors is a four day celebration of music from around the world held in midtown Detroit. All the concerts are free.

3 thoughts on “And the Heavy Fireworks Start…..

    • Love their nachos and lava wings….Northern Lights Lounge has a variety of music depending on night…music is on one side ….bar and lounge on other so choice is available…..good parking

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