Waiting for “Summertime”


In 2009, a musician friend of mine published the “Set List from Hell” and “Summertime” made the list which was a list of good songs that he would rather not play again. I go out to listen to live music quite a bit. Quite often, the mic is thrown open to musicians and vocalists in the audience after the first set. For as long as I can remember, “Summertime” has been a favorite of vocalists in the summer..

Each vocalist seem to think she has a unique arrangement and understanding of the song which used to be one of my favorites. They do not. I have seen it dramatized. i have heard it brutalized. i have never been mesmerized. It is still a favorite when I get to choose the version I want to hear.

A couple of years ago, one vocalist did the song in the style of five other vocalists in a row. I missed the horror show. One year I got so sick of it that when the song was played at a gig in September, I walked out.

What happened this year? I haven’t heard it yet and I am happy. I’m sure I will hear it soon but this time I may even like hearing it.

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