Back to the music…

I hadn’t been out for live music for since last Wednesday. My reentry into work has been challenging. I was mentally exhausted the end of last week. My summer work is usually fixing errors and calming agitated clients. Last week, there was a lot of agitation. Unfortunately, I tend to pick up the emotions of my clients. My last week has not been a week where I have been able to be calm. I went to the writers group I go to where no one is allowed to give negative feedback. It is not helpful. I may not go back.

Last night I went to Harbor House in Detroit to hear the Milt Show. The house band is Milt Hale(dms), Phil Hale(keys) and Greg Cook(bass). Last night Mike Fagueros (gtr) and Chris Branch( sax).

Left to right: Mike Fagueros, Greg Cook, Milt Hale, Chris Branch, Phil Hale

I walked into Harbor House a little after 11:00 p.m.. The start time was supposed to be 10:00 p.m.. The band members sometimes refer to themselves as the ‘Better Late than Never Band’. I expect them to be late. I walked in after the kitchen was closed so I had my usual club soda and lime. The bar was empty except for the band members. Greg came over and we chatted for a few minutes. Chris Branch walked in and the house band for the first set was complete.

They had not been at Harbor House for two weeks due to a Detroit Tigers game and the yearly fireworks display done the week before the Fourth of July.

They started to play and it was just what I wanted. They play the Detroit funky soul jazz that makes me feel so good. I do not know why such hard core jazz relaxes me so much. For the first time in a couple of weeks, I could feel my mind smoothing out and my cares and worries receding. The feeling is still with me today. The music seems to clear out mind static.

During the other sets, other musicians filled in and it all worked. The only exception for me was the spoken word piece. The speaker reads her stuff off her Smartphone. She has told me she doesn’t listen to others and doesn’t use any guidelines. She delivers it in a loud unmodulated voice and waves her free arm. it was called “Passion” so the delivery was louder than usual. I didn’t feel anything when it was read.

For me, live music seems to have the same benefits I get from meditation.

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