Work and….

Yesterday morning I faced one of my most difficult situations, the dreaded three hour business meeting. It was really a training session for the change my job goes through for summer. A lot of it was new and I had to call a customer and tell her that a previously uncharged service now has a charge. She was upset. When I saw her later in the day, she thanked me for the call. Things like that make work go better. Another customer thanked me for helping them. So the day ended well and I remember the good things about my work.

I was very tired but decided to get a little music and went to Northern Lights Lounge to hear the Mike Jellick Trio.

Mike Jellick, Miles Brown, Jesse Kramer

The place was packed this week so I sat in way in the back. The music was a little harder to hear and gave me a different perspective. I really like funky jazz and Mike does not have much funk. But, his wild, creative innovative style is absolutely captivating. And I heard it again tonight. It is so good to find I have a little more breath than I thought. I’ll be exploring a bit more.

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