Northern Lights Lounge…..6/19/13


On Wednesday night, I made my usual trek to Northern Lights Lounge to hear the Mike Jellick Trio. This time, it was the original trio for about the first time in five weeks with no substitutions. The original trio is Mike Jellick(keys), Jesse Kramer(dms) and Miles Brown(bass).

I got there at 9:00 p.m. a little before they started. With the original trio, the music tends to be a little more polished since they are more used to playing together. For the most pat, I like jazz a little on the funky side. Mike has been classically trained and is not as funky as most of the musicians I like. The quality I like in Mike is his incredible innovative play.

I met a couple of friends. I ordered an appetizer. I usually order the beef nachos and changed this time to the lava wings. They were very spicy and hot. The heat was just on the edge of being too hot. They were very good. Next time I order the wings, there will be no fries.


When Dorothy arrived, she ordered the beef nachos to share with Judy. They were not able to finish the plate. It is a really large portion. They did enjoy it.

20130621-085413.jpgDorothy on left and Judy to the right.

The music for the first set when only the band plays was, as usual, great. There was a little “Caravan”. At the point, it think where will this caravan go and I just close my eyes and go with the music. I mentally went to a lush, green tropical jungle, a musical safari rather than caravan. scot came over and wee talked about it and had a good time.

We stayed for the open mic second set this time. This open mic was well organized. Mike intermixed numbers featuring beginning players with the more experienced players. One of the things I like to see is how well Mike mentors the beginning players. As they come to his side of the stage after a sole, he talks to them encouraging and teaching. Most of the musicians really like playing here. This time, one musician who had not been here before, went up on stage in the middle of a number to replace Mike on keys. He is an older and competent musician and is used to be able to do that. Mike did call him up for the next number. He played loudly during others solos to the point that another good musician went back to her seat after her solo. He ran over the younger player and discouraged solos by anyone. What a jerk! Mike came back after a couple of numbers. For the last number, a vocalist sang “Misty”. One of the five most overdone songs in Detroit.

We left after the seconds set. The high from the first set remained.

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