The Kurzadian Trio at Motor City Wine


On Friday June 7, 2013, I went out to Motor City Wine again and saw the quickly named Kurzadian Trio.

When I go out to hear music, it is not really about what I hear. It is about what I feel. So, what I am writing is not a review. It is more about the emotional impact it has on me. Some musicians always have the impact. Sometimes it is a musician in combination with a certain song. I have heard so many technically competent musicians that do not reach me. Went I started going out a few years ago, I went out to a a lot of events where I knew the music was “good” and it didn’t do a thing for me. I have slowly stopped going where ii know it has no impact. I even check about once a year to see if anything has changed. So, I am not pretending to write reviews although I won’t rule it out.

I walked in and the owner pulled the Sanpellegrino Sparkling Blood Orange Soda out of the refrigerator. I walked in between sets and had to wait for a bit for the music to start. So I talked to one of the musicians and another person I had seen around.

The first sone I took note of was “Our Longing” ….it is titled in Portuguese so the real title is “Nosso Anseio” ….. I think. This was composed by Damon Warmack. I liked this one because it has an interesting melody and harmony…both a little unexpected and haunting. It was a nice counterpoint to the ordinary.

Then, they called up an audience member who I had to seen before and was introduced as Ruben Santiago-Hudson. He is both a playwright and actor. He was the police captain on the TV Series Castle. He is in Detroit filming a new series which will be replacing Breaking Bad on AMC and is called Low Winter Sun. After checking online, Detroit is probably the perfect setting in the United States for this UK series. Ruben played a blues harmonica and was really good….he’d be welcome at most open macs in the city. They did “Carrot Cake” and it was great to hear the bluesy done that well and yes, I did feel it. It was heavy funk with harp.

The next number was “Sandman” followed by “A Lil Somethin’ Somethin'” written by Kris Kurzawa. All in all, it was a nice satisfying set and ended the evening.

I headed over to Bert’s but my timing was off. The had just finished. I decided to go home rather than wait.

Kris Kurzawa

Damon Warmack

Nat Winn

Ruben Santiago-Hudson

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