Mike Jellick Trio at Northern Lights Lounge


Every Wednesday, the Northern Lights Lounge has an evening called Str8 Jazz, No Chaser. Northern Lights Lounge is in Midtown Detroit and each night is devoted to a different genre of music. On Wednesday, appetizers are half off and I order beef nachos. The ingredients are fresh and the plate is big enough for a small army so I take some home after thoroughly enjoying the food.

The group on Wednesday is the Mike Jellick Trio. The musicians in the group are so good and popular that frequently one or more has a sub. The musicians last night were Mike Jellick(keys), Eric Nachtrab(bass) and Jesse Kramer(dms). Eric was the sub last night but palyed as is he had been with the others for more than a bit of time. Mike Jellick is one of a kind. His improvisational skills are inspirational. He is the kind of musician that lifts all the players around him. He has a large repertoire and the only time he duplicates for week to week is when he is working on a number. Mike also encourages others to shine show there stuff and they just did it. I particularity like it when they play a standard like “Autumn Leaves” and shine a brand new light on it.


One of the best things about the Northern Lights Lounge is the great sound. They have a sound man who takes such care in balancing the sound. There is one side for the music and the other side is more the bar and small lounging area. This is one venue where the patrons listen to the music when they sit on the music side of the bar.

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