The Milton Show at Harbor House


On Monday, June 5, 2013, I went to the Harbor House in downtown Detroit for a bit of jazz. The Harbor House is really a restaurant specializing in seafood as you may have guessed by the name. I am allergic to crustaceans so the menu does not off me much. I have tried a couple of things and had the worst Reuben sandwich of my life and the best onion rings of my life. I have to feel really adventurous to order and tonight I was just not feeling it. I stood at the bar for a very long time waiting for the lone server to finish her conversation. I went late since the band starts at a different time each week. She finally came down and I ordered a club soda and lime. Others were having the same difficulty is getting her attention. I saw that she paid better attention when she was her own customer.

This evenings entertainment has been going on for a little over eight years in Detroit. For most of the time, it was located in a loft in Greektown. They recently moved due to renovations in their old building. They start the first set with a house band. The house band this week was Milton Hale(dms), Phillip Hale (keys), and Greg Cook(bass). I like the stuff the group plays, usually a wide range of jazz standards. After the first set, it is open mic time. Open mic can either raise level or lower level depending on who shows up. That night it was better than average. I think of the second and third set as belonging to the vocalists and there were three there: Chelly K, Sheila Hale and Kenny. Charlene Greene sat in on the keys and was a great addition to the mix. For the ending Chelly sang “Love for Sale” and it was the best song of the evening.
For the instrumentals, both Moanin’ and “Sugar” were great.

As usual, some of the denizens of the bar were running around telling all they knew about anybody to each other.

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