Bonnie Houdini….the great dog escape artist

Bonnie’s Latest Escape

Bonnie, my 13 year old silky terrier, has been an escape artist from the very beginning. She is normally a nice companion dog. She chooses the escape as the only time to ignore any commands from me. Early on, she decided escape was a great, lovely game and ignoring me was the best part of the game. She has had one especially traumatic (for me) escape, but, more about that later.

About two weeks ago, she had her first escape of this year. All the old giving chase emotions sprung fully blown in me as she ran out the door with the thoughts of here we go again rushing through my head. Since she is 13, it turned out to be a ghost of her former glorious, for her, escapes.


She made the dash when I had the back door leading to the open garage door wide open. I had been gardening and seem to get so very focused on gardening, I forget about my adventurous dog. She fled with a stuffed plush chipmunk clutched firmly in her teeth. The game was on.

She dropped the chipmunk in the driveway, looked back and headed down the street. This time, she ran down about two houses, stopped and turned. She was checking to see if I was about to give chase. She ran back the other way. Again, it was about two houses. I was just not into the game this time. I have tried this before so many times over the last few years. I grabbed my car keys just in case the chase went on fo r a few blocks. My neighbors have seen me following her in my car a few times a year waiting for her to get tired. This time she did a couple of runs by me up and down the street.

My neighbor, two houses down and across the street came to her door while I was doing the slow walking half- hearted chase. My neighbor and her kids have been staunch helpers for years. They have chased and helped me squeeze Bonnie into a corner for capture.

As usual, with my not very serious chase, Bonnie continued down the block. This time she went more slowly. I only had to do the wild wave in front of oncoming traffic once. Bonnie is so small that I am always afraid in this situation that drivers just cannot see her. Finally Bonnie stopped. I walked up slowly behind her not saying a word while she sniffed at some unknown fascinating scent on the ground and picked her up.

I am not sure why she stopped. It could be because I wasn’t playing the game. Maybe she was scared since she is losing her sight a bit. I have noticed that when I come home she has to inspect me before her exuberant display of joy at my homecoming. It could be that she didn’t hear me behind her. Only she knows. So, it does seem as we grow older that she is slowing down faster than I am. However, I can’t become complacent ….it is spring here and she may just be building her summer racing legs.

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