My dog….the food critic

My dog, Bonnie, is thirteen years old. She is a geriatric dog. She is a Silky Terrier an weighs about 10 pounds. I have had her all her life. And like all terriers, she is perky, curious and happy. She always meets me at the door with wild abandon and a stuffed toy hanging out of her mouth. She is now and has alway been very active. When she meets new people she wags her tail and wants to get to know them. At the vets recently, the vet complimented me on her weight. He was really saying she is not a fat dog.

Bonnie will never be a fat dog. She is the original doggy food critic. Most dogs will eat anything except maybe salad or mushrooms without any hesitation. From the very beginning, she inspected food before eating it. Once when we were walking in the park, a woman offered her a bite of chicken. Most dogs would have taken the piece and swallowed it in one swift movement. Bonnie took the piece delicately between her teeth and dropped it on the ground. She then smelled it and rolled it over with her nose, finally picking it up and eating it.

For about the last couple of years, she has been on a special diet. She had some bad gastrointestinal upsets that required a lot of clean up on my part. The vet checked her for infections and worms…no cause could be found. The symptoms remained. She went on a special bland diet. The diet was white rice and an easily digestible dog food. She was not a happy dog. I tried adding a little chicken broth….heating the rice each time ( she only requires a half cup of rice two times a day) ….and finally I added just a bit of chicken mixed in the food. Finally, we had a meal she would eat. Well, almost. I tried to mix it well since all the nutrients she needs are in the special canned dog food. She has begun to carefully remove the bits she does not want and throw them on the floor. Sometimes a hunk of canned dog food, sometimes a a bit of rice. She reminds me of an unruly toddler. She has become a food critic.

So, thank you, Mr. Vet, she is not a slim healthy dog because of my actions, she is just a fussy eater.


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