Jazz at the Cadieux Cafe

On Sunday night, May 5, 2013 I went to the Cadieux Cafe for the regular Sunday night Soul Jazz event on the Eastside of Detroit. This one was one I had been looking forward to.

The Cadieux cafe is a restaurant that is so much more than a restaurant. It is also a neighborhood bar. It has music several nights a week. There is a feather bowling alley in an adjoining room…the only one, I think. The featured cuisine is Belgian and the specialty of the house is mussels. For me, this is my favorite place for wings. They don’t start as much, they are deep fried wing dings. What they do next is what makes them so good and special. The BBQ sauce is hot and spicy. It leaves the sensation of heat in your mouth. It is served with a creamy blue cheese dressing full of little chunks of blue cheese. So, I picked up one of the pieces of chicken covered with the
BBQ sauce and took a bite. The mild, tangy feeling of heat in my mouth. The next bite starts with a dip in the thick creamy blue cheese dressing. The cooling of the dressing followed by the heat of the BBQ sauce…..exquisite.


This week, the music looked especially good. The Jeff Pedraz Quintet comprised of Jeff Pedraz( bass), Dwight Adams( tpt), Mike Jellick(keys), Jake Shadik (alto sax) and Stephen
Boegehold. They were celebrating Lee Morgan’s music from “Live at the Lighthouse”. They did “The Beehive”, “Nommo”, “Speedball”, “Peyote”, “Neophilia” and more. The musicians involved are all excellent musicians. The notes out of Dwight Adams trumpet are so pure and clean that they cut through the air and into my brain with ease. Mike Jellick on keys is so brilliant and inspirational. His improvisational skills are so impressive that I can only say that each number is a pleasure. It was an awesome first set and it was one of those transcendent experiences that let me know how beautiful and life affirming music can be.

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