Kentucky Derby Day

Today was the annual Kentucky Derby party. I was not really enthused about going. There is a controversy in the church right now and some people want to discuss it at any church social event. It is just fills the room with negative energy. It is no more than gossip and I tend to lose respect for the talkers. Is that all they can talk about?

I got a call today from someone going to the party and they asked if I wanted a ride. So, it was decided. I would go to the party. I got out one of my summer big hats and decorated it just a little. It was no where near as grand as the incredible creation seen on the tv of the event itself. It was enough though for an afternoon.

The party has some traditions at this point. There are mint juleps served outside or in the house depending on the weather. Today, it was outside. The weather was a little cool but the sun was shining brightly all day. There were bottles of water, cans of pop and home brewed beer as well.

Slowly and surely canapés and appetizers started appearing from the kitchen. There was a cheese spread covered with orange marmalade and topped with a few chopped scallions. While I was enjoying the cheese spread on crackers, another hot canapé appeared at the table. It was melted cheese with bacon bits on a rye bread, warm and savory. The were cucumber sandwiches at the table outside.

About 45 minutes before post time, our host began taking the bets. A friend of mine had checked it out and had a list. We had the Daily Racing Form, another paper and some other cheat sheets. I picked my friend’s suggestions plus one….$5 on each. I picked Orb, Verrazano, Goldencents and Mylute. Orb won and I got $42 …unexpected and nice.

After the race the dinner was served. It was pulled pork sandwiches, slaw, fruit salad, potatoes, burgoo, veggie lasagna, bourbon cake, pecan pie and more. It was good. I love pulled pork and had a desire to visit Slow’s BBQ for their version.

The son of the hostess was there as well. He was wounded in Afghanistan and lost his left leg. He is doing so well with his prosthetic leg. This is a hidden war. No pictures on tv. No draft. Only a few involved. A war safely hidden from the middle class. If middle class kids hadn’t been drafted in Vietnam Nam, would ther have been an anti war movement.

Got home and was tired with no desire to do anything more for the day.

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