Waiting for the real deal

Yesterday was one of those long days…. I had a morning dentist appointment and learned that I need another major repair. I spent the afternoon at UUCF at the rummage sale helping out. It was not bad. I managed the BUC sale for several years and here, I am on the periphery. The manager blew off several ideas and at the same time says she wants ideas from the volunteers. Then I went grocery shopping…..all in all tiring.

I am also trying to figure out how to organize my day so I get thins done……housework, garden, admin, gym, study and practice.

Last night I went out for some music and had a choice of several places. I picked Motor City Wine in Detroit for or several reasons. The most important was that it is a no hassle place. I did find a parking spot easily.

When I arrived, the music hadn’t started so I talked to one of the musicians for a few minutes. I was a little disappointed until the last number and decided to go home rather than go anywhere else.

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